New Solutions for Ports & Public Safety – Advanced Boat Design Engineering Benefits Caribbean

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Converging marine technologies are being incorporated into exciting new boats by Stanley designers and engineers who are offering practical solutions in the Caribbean and beyond.

According to company president, Bill Connor, “The region’s challenges are increasing, but they can be met by all-weather multi-purpose vessels.”
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Stanley Boats Hard at Work in the United States and the Carribbean

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Stanley Boats, a division of Connor Industries, in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, is a builder of aluminum fire and rescue boats. Doug Coupar is the company representative for the United States and the Caribbean.

“The market in North America consists of three broad categories,” Coupar said. “We have boats that are dedicated firefighting vessels. Then we have combination fire and rescue boats. And there’s a strong emerging market for rescue boats, pure and simple.”

Coupar said boats come in a variety of lengths and sizes with a variety of missions, including specialty boats used by search and rescue teams as well as police responders.

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